There are lots of people and organizations doing great things. Here are a few links to some we think you might be interested in

Northwest Territories Arts


The NWT Arts Program promotes arts and fine crafts to local, national and international markets. Program registration is free to all NWT artists including those in traditional and contemporary visual arts and fine crafts, performing arts, literary arts and film/new media.

To learn more about the NWT Arts Program and to register, visit


Northern Arts and Culture Centre


Information about the Region:

Village of Fort Simpson

Dehcho Drum Newspaper


Other NWT Arts Organizations

Western Arctic Moving Pictures Society

Folk on the Rocks

Great Northern Arts Festival

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society


Grants for Artists

NWT Arts Council

Canada Council for the Arts


A Selection of Websites of Artist Presented through Past OSCS Programming:

Carmella Karijo Rother – Fibre Artist

Anna Torma – Fibre Artist

Allan Lacovetsky – Ceramic Artist

Diane Gonthier – Fibre Artist

Sharon Shorty – Storyteller

John Sabourin – Carver & Painter

Terrance Houle – Visual Artist

Jackson 2bears – Digital Media Artist

Sâkêwêwak Artists’ Collective – First Nations’ Artist Collective

Joseph Purcell – Visual Artist