The OSCS Gallery is committed to increasing the visibility of the creative arts community for those who will observe it, embrace it, grow in it, and benefit from it. The OSCS Gallery promises to present a vibrant arts community for the betterment of the North, every day.

Our OSCS Gallery will:

  • Present innovative programming in all creative arts disciplines,
  • Consistently support, foster, and empower our local artists of all levels,
  • Provide sustainable accessibility to creative arts for all in our region and;
  • Create a dialogue between artists and audiences in our region, the NWT and Canada


The OSCS holds Core Values which guide and shape the artistic objectives of the gallery:

Openness – acceptance and willingness for engagement from all participants.

Integrity – strong morals and values, uncompromised and honest.

Commitment – reliability, persistence, and dedication to consistent fulfillment

These Core Values and the following artistic premises will inform the presentation and use of our gallery space.
  • Personal expression can be both spiritual and healing for the artist and can be a vehicle for self-reliance.
  • Support for personal and professional development through knowledge sharing and communication inside and outside the arts community is valuable to artists.
  • Art is an important part of a healthy, balanced and dynamic cultures and societies
  • Respect for traditions while taking into account current cultural realities is important.
  • Integrity in our members, communities, & activities – (social, historical, personal, and artistic integrity) must guide our artistic choices.
  • Art records and preserves culture.
  • Through programs, initiatives and acquisitions, we celebrate and emphasize the cultural richness and diversity of our region
  • Access to culture and the arts are necessary for a rich and fulfilling quality of life.
  • We see a responsibility to perpetuate and encourage the culture and arts of indigenous artists and practitioners.
  • Support for the appreciation and practice of the arts by people throughout their lives makes for a better society.